Saturday, August 27, 2011

Star Wars 501st at Helen Hall Library

These lovely people dressed as a stormtrooper and an Imperial Officer were kind enough to appear at a Youth Services Open House for Helen Hall Library today. Eliseo and I decided we could get away with squeezing in for a picture.

The stormtrooper had to microphone everything he said and his whole suit was really amazing.

As we directly walked up to them (versus me hovering like a weirdo), he mic-ed that he really liked my shirt. I could tell they hadn't noticed Eliseo's shirt, so I pointed it out to both of them. Once they took a look at it, they both laughed pretty hard and said his shirt was really great. It was funny that the stormtrooper guy actually had to mic his laugh. That made both of us ridiculously happy and giddy.


(Also, I have decided the new haircut makes me look like a hippie.)

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