Thursday, August 4, 2011

Marston Science Library of the University of Florida

The Marston Science Library of the University of Florida is a great example of how libraries are changing to improve their services.  The idea of adapting a library to create a user-centered space is more common than ever as we move into a different time of libraries.

Their website: link!
Their newsletter with some details on what was renovated: pdf!

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  1. Go gators! :) Great posts Teresa! Interesting UF's libraries does a newsletter, though I guess a lot of libraries do. I have often thought about doing a newsletter, but I am not sure who would read it. We just got Camtasia installed on our machines, along with a web cam, so I may start creating video and/or audio updates instead. Maybe do iTunes University, or create a YouTube channel. At the Library I worked at previously I did a college radio spot once or twice a month that was just one or two minutes explaining a Library resource, or new tool. It was fun, and the students who told me they heard it enjoyed it...