Friday, August 5, 2011

Marston Science Library of the University of Florida

This link takes you to their photosets, organized by month, of some of the renovations that took place.

It's great what a redesign of work flow, new paint, new furniture, new carpet, and NEW COMPUTERS can do for a library!  It appears the staff handled the reconstruction and renovations quite well.  The layout of their main floor now features a centralized and combined reference/circulation desk.  I personally love when libraries have an information desk hub at the center of the library and everything else extends radially.  They also added "much-needed" group study rooms.  For maps and images they installed scanners and Adobe PhotoShop licenses in two special workstations.  All of their renovations have contributed to creating a more user-centered environment.

Bonus fact:
The Marston Science Library has a sculpture designed by John Henry outside the front of their library:

Because of this sculpture, the library is sometimes referred to as the "French Fry" library.  I like that as part of their renovations, the new signage kind of resembles curly fries. :)


  1. I also love the "hub" layout. And yeah, group study rooms are basically essential at academic libraries these days.

    But I have to say, I'd be so nervous walking under that sculpture! Looks like those fries are about to come down any second.

  2. Great picture of the sculpture. I also like that it is called the french fry library. I appreciate the addition of art that patrons can touch. Nice post.

  3. I agree a centralized reference area is great for students to see exactly where to ask for information. Nice blog.

  4. lolz!! it is totally the French Fries library! :) but it looks so awesome! especially whats inside~! :)

  5. Great photo of library. The library staff must feel so proud that the renovations were such as a success and created a more user-friendly environment. That is what its all about.

  6. Teresa!

    I am following you so you better keep your blog going.... LOL! I signed up for Lynn's blog too. Not that I have lots of time to read blogs....

    I love the graphics with the watermarked background that stays still while you scroll through the blog postings. I just started working in a liberal arts college library that is undergoing major rennovations. My first day of work I had to move one of the work spaces out and clear the shelves and desk. The next day the shelves and desk were gone. The following day it had been primed and then repainted! The stacks are being reorganized with major weeding and print resources being re-evaluated with more ejournal access. The study spaces are being expanded and the floor plans look like there will be more open spaces and increased technology areas.

  7. Increasing the wireless range out of the reading room was a very user centered move. It's amazing to think that you can go into a McDonald's and have wireless, but that the library only had it in one room. Sometimes I feel like we take so much for granted.

    I love the background. It is so oldtimey.

  8. Pretty cool idea on the designers to incorporate something "relatable" like french fries into their design. While it may not relate to the library it certainly keeps it in your mind and whenever trying to give directions you can always say--go to the big french fries!