Friday, August 5, 2011

Marine Biology Annotated Bibliography

We had to create a resource guide (or annotated bibliography, depending on the mood I'm in) on the topic of our choice.  Naturally, I chose marine biology.  Our resource guide was to include 20 resources, 5 of which had to be traditional, print resources, e.g., magazines, books, etc., and 5 of which had to non-traditional resources such as wikis and blogs.

When I began brainstorming for this assignment, part of me was worried I wouldn't find enough resources that I felt were worthy for this annotated bibliography.  Boy, was I wrong!  I came across more resources than I knew what to do with!  It was amazing.  Personally, I can't stand doing resource guides, but I can't help but appreciate their benefits and helpfulness when it comes to a quick-access summary of resources focused on one topic.

So, this is my marine biology annotated bibliography: link!

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